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Welcome to SRS Software

SRS Softwares welcomes you in the world of information super-highway.

SRS is a leading web & software provider company, that always focuses to provide quality IT solution at the best prices in the IT industry. The company is mainly providing complete Web & Software Services in the fields of Education, Medical, Hotels & Resorts, small as well large Industries, Unions & NGOs, Shops & Showrooms etc.

We deliver our services in the most consistent, predictable and cost efective manner and are confident in going a long way with trail blazing speed, riding high on our multi dimensional capabilities, clear vision and in depth knowledge of the global market. SRS Softwares believes in achieving greater heights as “Those who dare to dream, work towards achieving them.” We aspire to be right every time in anticipating future technology trends, shape and embed them into our solutions and deliver simple, elegant and eticient solutions without “Time and Cost” over runs.

Round the clock (24 x 7) support.
     Satisfaction  guaranteed.  
 Sometime Purpose......
  We have a 99% record of on time delivery
     of  Projects.

  Industry Standard 
Instant reply of any questions, And We
     make your life easy.

Email Hosting Solution
Email Hosting services for indivisual,groups, business. Cheper,trusted,cost effective,predictable features & secure email solutions abc@yourwebsite.com ?
 Get email solution for your businesss and corporate business.

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